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Water Conservation



Water Conservation

Information & Tips 

Hints and tips to help you conserve water: 

Water Conservation in the Home

Water Conservation in your Yard

How to Operate and Maintain your Irrigation System

Water Conservation:

    Water Conservation and Restrictions Bylaw

    Water Leaks and Detection

    Household Hints to Conserve Water and Money

    Environment Canada - Water Conservation

    At Home Water Conservation Guide

Xeriscape Gardening:

   Plant Collection Ideas

    Appropriate Plant Materials for Xeriscape Gardens

    Xeriscape Gardening

    City Hall Xeriscape Garden Layout

    Information on Plants found in the City Xeriscape Garden

Rain Barrels

    Rain Barrel Guide

    Rain Barrels & Rain Collecting


    A Mother-load of Free Irrigation Information

    How to - fix and repair a leaking irrigation system




Water is a Valuable Resource


Water is essential for the health and well being of society, and the environment.

  • Acknowledge the intrinsic social and environmental values of water.
  • Reflect both the value of water and the costs of supplying, treating and disposing it in water rates and charges.



Water is a Finite Resource


Water availability is limited by many factors including geographic location, water quality, financial costs, weather and seasonal flows.

  • Don't assume there is an endless supply of water.
  • Use water efficiently.



Water is a Renewable Resource


The water we use is part of the hydrological cycle - another user waits downstream.

  • Keep it clean.
  • One person's wastewater is another person's well. Disposal of wastewater must be treated with caution and respect, given the demands of other water users downstream.



Water is a Shared Resource


Water sustains life on earth. It is a common resource and it cannot be owned.


  • Respect the needs of others, both human and non-human.
  • Manage water use for intergenerational needs.