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Bylaws & Policies

Bylaws & Policies


City of Armstrong official bylaws and policies are available to the public online or in-person at the municipal hall. Anyone who wishes to discuss the information within any one of the bylaws or policies can contact the municipal hall to speak with a staff member. We are happy to assist residents with further inquiries. 


Click the following link to view the documents, located on our FilePro site:


Bylaw Department & Enforcement

The Bylaw Department provides the community with services related to municipal regulatory issues and is deployed on a complaint-driven basis. The Bylaw Officer may use discretion when applying enforcement and can gain compliance through education, and when necessary, issuing Municipal Tickets or seeking further legal action.

How do I get in touch with the Bylaw Enforcement Department and/or Officer?

All complaints must be received by City Hall via email at ( or by phone at (250-546-3023)

Complaints may be received on a 24/7 basis by calling City Hall for all Bylaw and Dog Control Complaints. In case of an emergency please call 911.

What is required of me to activate the Bylaw Enforcement Department and/or Officer?

All complainants MUST provide their full name, civic address and contact information.

Complainants’ information is confidential and will not be released for the following reasons:

  • It is an unreasonable invasion of personal privacy as identified in the Freedom of Information, Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA) Legislation.

  • It is supplied in confidence in relation to the complainant.

  • It is detrimental to a bylaw enforcement investigation and or its outcomes.

  • It would reveal the identity of a confidential source of bylaw enforcement information.

Bylaw Complaints, such as unsightly premises, weeds, noise?

The Good Neighbour Bylaw was enacted in 2016 as a means to protect the quality of life for its citizens, endeavours to promote civic responsibility and strives to encourage good relationships between neighbours;

Call our Bylaw Enforcement Officer at 250-546-3023

Dog Control Concerns, such as barking dogs or dogs running at large?

Call our Dog Control Officer at 250-546-3023 

Submit a Complaint

Municipal Ticket Information System Bylaw

Contact us:

Burnt Out Street Light?

Include an address or description of where the street light is located and whether the pole is wood or metal. The City will request either BC Hydro, or one of our contractors, to have the light repaired.

Pot Holes or Loose Manhole Cover?

Include the street and approximate house number of where the pot hole or loose manhole cover is located.

Garbage Questions?

Contact the contractor SCV Waste Solutions:

Telephone 250-546-3023

Recycling Questions?

Recycling is provincially mandated and contracted to Recycle BC.

Recycling pickup is completed locally through Emterra Environmental.

Telephone 250-545-4245