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Public Works Street Lights

Street lights in the City of Armstrong 

Street lighting in the City of Armstrong is provided through two separate systems. A City-owned street lighting system where the lights are typically on metal poles and a BC Hydro owned and operated system where the streetlights are typically on wooden or concrete poles. The City of Armstrong coordinates the streetlight maintenance and repair on City-owned streetlights and forwards trouble reports for BC Hydro streetlights to them for repair.

You can report a street light that is burned out, flickering or fluctuating on and off by calling City Hall at 250-546-3023 or emailing

In order for us to get the light working as fast as possible, it is helpful if you have the following information about the light

  • Address of the nearest home/business
  • Description of where it is located (north corner of intersection, outside the blue house, etc) 
  • Type of pole it is attached to: Metal or Wood

Streetlights on Metal Poles

Streetlights on metal poles are typically owned by the City or, in some cases, are private streetlights. If there is a problem with a City-owned streetlight, please call City Hall at 250-546-3023 or email

Streetlights on Wooden Poles 

Streetlights on wood or concrete poles are owned and maintained by BC Hydro. The City of Armstrong receives trouble reports for these streetlights and forwards them to BC Hydro for their action and repair. When reporting these outages please provide as much detail as possible including the closest street address (if possible).