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Business Licenses


Business Licenses


Obtaining A Business License

The City of Armstrong Business License Bylaw requires an owner or operator of a business within the City of Armstrong to hold a valid and subsisting license for the carrying on of such business. The fee schedule may be found in the Bylaw section, titled Rates & Fees Bylaw.  

An application form must be completed and submitted to the City. Staff check the application to ensure correct zoning of the proposed business location, and where necessary, direct the Building and Fire Inspectors to check the premises. Once the Inspectors are satisfied that Building and Fire codes have been met, the City will issue the business license.

A wise precaution to applicants would be to first check with the City office to ensure that the location of their proposed business conforms with the uses allowed in the zone where they wish to locate, prior to leasing or purchasing property for their business.

The downtown core and Smith Drive are in a Development Permit Area and any new construction or exterior renovations that occur in this area must be dealt with through the Development Permit process. This process allows for the regulation of the form and character of development and the protection of creeks and the natural environment. It is as important to be aware of this, as it is the correct zoning.


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