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Public Works

Public Works

24 Hour Emergency Number is 250-546-3023 

This will take you to City Hall during business hours and to an answering service during off hours. The answering service will relay your message to our Public Works crew.

Snow and Ice Control Operations - Guidelines and Information for the Public

Please be aware that with the onset of winter, crews will begin plowing, sanding and de-icing. Stay well back from equipment and do not attempt to pass. Slow down when operating vehicles and adjust to the reduction of traction and potentially slippery conditions. Please remember that snow and ice control is not a substitute for caution when operation a vehicle during the winter.

The City has a policy regarding clearing of snow from the end of driveways. Driveway ends will be cleared of the snow windrow ONLY on streets that are plowed all one way (sidewalk on one side of the road only, windrows will be cleaned on the opposite side as the sidewalk) and ONLY when the windrow is large or consists of wet or frozen lumps that would be difficult for the homeowners to remove. This service will be performed within 5 hours of street plowing.

Placing snow onto the roadway, at any time, and parking vehicles on the roadway during snow removal operations is NOT permitted. The Public Works Department requests and appreciates your cooperation and assistance in making the winter season enjoyable and safe.

The Public Works Department provides a large number of services to our community as listed briefly below:

Roads and Streets

Plan and coordinate the annual road, sidewalk and drainage construction projects

  • Ensuring that our roads are maintained by repairing pot holes, painting traffic lines and maintaining traffic and directional signage
  • Mow and maintain boulevards and City owned property

  • Landscaping maintenance around public buildings and boulevards

  • Drainage

  • Snow-plowing, sanding and driveway clearing during the winter season

  • Street sweeping


  • Install new sidewalks

  • Maintain existing sidewalks

  • Clear the snow during the winter season

  • Clear the sand at the end of the winter season

Street Lights

Water Supply

  • Ensure that we have clean and safe water

  • Maintain the distributions lines that supply you with that water

  • Look after our various water sources

Sewer Service

  • Maintain the pipes that collect sewer or wastewater

  • Proper treatment of wastewater

  • Provide treated wastewater to users of our effluent irrigation project

Shop and Vehicles

  • Maintain City owned property and vehicles

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