Climate Action

Climate change effects everyone, and the City of Armstrong is committed to taking action to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for the impact.

The City of Armstrong is one of many communities in the region that has experienced the effects of climate change. Whether it is the historic flooding in 2017, or the hot dry summers that contributed to major droughts and wildfires in 2021, taking action to prepare for extreme events strengthen our ability to respond and mitigates the overall effects of the possible worst-case scenarios we may face as a community.

The City reduces emissions in our everyday efforts.

On this page you will learn of the actions Armstrong is taking to
reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and stay resilient in the face of climate change.

Every Action Counts

Whether it is small actions, such as installing LED lights into all city facilities, or bigger undertakings such as re-writing and incorporating Climate Change priorities into municipal bylaws, The City continues to take action to mitigate Climate Change.

The City of Armstrong also prepares for the impacts of climate change by integrating actions to reduce our vulnerability. This includes preparing for emergencies, avoiding hazards, and mitigating flood impacts.

Emergency Response

The Emergency Management Program utilizes a four-pillar approach through mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. We response to events through our Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) departments including Operations, Planning Logistics, Finance, Policy, Risk Management, and Information.

Water Conservation

The City of Armstrong empowers the community to work together to conserve water through a variety of measures including year-round water conservation restrictions, as well as its community-wide participation in the Okanagan Basin Water Boards’ Make Water Work campaign.

Community Partnerships

Both the Staff and Council of the City of Armstrong endeavor to work with local organizations and community groups to encourage and include climate conscious strategies. If you wish to connect with staff or council,

Examples of City Actions

New City Hall Building

The century-old municipal hall was not designed to consider the climate. As our municipality grows, we happily welcome residents to a building that reduces greenhouse gas emissions while simultaneously addressing environmental efficiencies with high-efficiency systems.

LED Lighting – Public Works & Street Lights

The City of Armstrong and B.C. Hydro partnered to complete a program which saw more than 200 street lights replaced with energy efficient LEDs. Further, the Public Works building replaced all bulbs with cost-saving LEDs.

Municipal Solid Waste Collection

The City of Armstrong improved its municipal solid waste collection services to include a three-tiered service considering compost, yard waste and solid waste.

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