Utility Notice Information

Utility Notices are comprised of Water, Sewer, and Garbage Services

Quarterly Utility Notices

Mailed out the month following the end of the quarter and are due 45 days from date of invoice. All Commercial properties are billed quarterly. Only residential properties with a remote reading device (MXU or SmartPoint) installed are billed quarterly. If you have not received an invoice by the end of the month following, please contact City Hall. 

QuarterPeriod DatesMailed OutDue By
1st QuarterJanuary 1 – March 31AprilMay
2nd QuarterApril 1 – June 30JulyAugust
3rd QuarterJuly 1 – September 30OctoberNovember
4th QuarterOctober 1 – December 30JanuaryFebruary

Semi-Annual Notices

Mailed out the month following the end of the period and are due 45 days from date of invoice. All residential properties with only a black touchpad installed on the side of their house or pit are billed semi-annually. If you have not received an invoice by the end of the month following, please contact City Hall.

PeriodPeriod DatesMailed OutDue By
SummerApril 1 – September 30OctoberNovember
WinterOctober 1 – March 31AprilMay

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Utility Prepayment Program

The Utility Pre-Payment Program is a convenient method to pay your City of Armstrong utility bill.  To sign up for the program, simply click on the form below to download it.  Fill it in and select the amount you want withdrawn from your bank account.  If you are not sure how much to set your payment for, we would be happy to help you with that at City Hall. Once signed up, on the first of each month, we will automatically withdraw that amount from your bank account.  When you get your utility invoice, you will see the total amount of new charges less any pre-payments you have made. Payments will continue until you instruct City Hall, in writing, to change the amount, cancel the payment or change the bank account. Plans are not automatically canceled with the sale of a property.

Complete online and print, or print and manually complete, sign, email (info@cityofarmstrong.bc.ca) with applicable banking information, or drop off at City Hall.

Payment Options

Paperless Billing

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The Utility Notice underwent some changes in 2018. These changes were done for the following reasons:

– To provide separate and clear property tax and utility notices
– The fixed fees were established to ensure that funds for the City’s aging water and sewer capital infrastructure will be available when needed
– Ensure that the operating costs of the water and sewer systems are covered by the water consumption charge and sewer user fee

Council made the decision to have all charges for the water and sewer services appear in one place; on the utility invoice. Previously, water consumption and a small fixed fee appeared on the water invoice and a water parcel tax, a sewer parcel tax and a sewer user fee appeared on the property tax invoice. Council received the Master Sewer Plan (2014) and the Water Master Plan (2017) which outline various required changes, upgrades and recommended improvements that need to be completed on our water and sewer systems. Council hosted two open houses in the spring of 2018 to review these changes with residents and business owners. Following reasons: