Public Works

The City’s Public Works Department develops and maintains the City’s infrastructure, municipal facilities and buildings. Main operational areas include roads and sidewalk maintenance, storm water diversion, collection, and disposal, water utility, sewer utility.

Through the technical expertise and skill of all staff, the Public Works Department implements the City’s public works policies, procedures, and bylaws. The Department is accountable to plan, design, construct and maintain all
City-owned assets with effective coordination to enhance and maintain service delivery to the community and to deliver those services in a cost-effective manner. 

Seasonal Reminders

Winter Snow Removal

The City of Armstrong reminds residents to prepare for the snow clearing activities. We need your help to ensure snow removal is completed quickly and effectively:

Street Parking: Do not park on any city streets during a snowfall. Please wait until after all snow clearing activities are completed. 

Snow Removal: Do not take the snow from your driveway or sidewalk and push it onto the public portion of the roadway. The extra piles of snow can create a driving hazard for passing motorists. 

Placement of Garbage & Recycling Containers: Please place your garbage and recycling containers off the street or sidewalk. 

The City of Armstrong Operations department thanks residents for your co-operation. For more information regarding snow removal and road maintenance during winter conditions, please review the Winter Maintenance Policy in the link below.

Roads & Sidewalks

Public works is responsible to maintain our road and sidewalk network year round. In addition to snow removal and ice control in the winter months this also includes: 

– Planning and coordinating road, sidewalk and drainage construction project
– Repairing pot holes
– Painting traffic lines
– Maintaining traffic and directional signage
– Mowing and maintaining boulevards and City owned property
– Landscape maintenance around public buildings and boulevards
– Drainage and maintenance of our Storm Sewer System
– Street sweeping
– Installation of new sidewalks
– Maintenance of existing sidewalks
– Road and sidewalk sweeping

Reporting a Street Light

Streetlighting in the City of Armstrong is provided through two separate systems:

1. A City-owned streetlight system where the lights are typically on metal poles. The City of Armstrong coordinates the streetlight maintenance and repair on City-owned streetlights.
2. A BC Hydro owned and operated system where the streetlights are on wooden or concrete poles. BC Hydro coordinates the streetlight maintenance and repair on BC Hydro poles.

Who to call when a streetlight needs maintenance?

– Metal Poles: City of Armstrong or 250 -546-3023

– Wood or Concrete Poles: BC Hydro or 1-800-224-9376

Requirements of Reporting

– Address of the nearest home/business
– Description of where it is located (north corner of intersection, outside the blue house, etc) 
– Type of pole it is attached to: Metal or Wood

Other Helpful Information

– Name
– Date
– Follow-up Information (Phone Number or Email) 
– Condition of Pole, Light is Flickering/Cycling, Light Out, Dimming, Base or Bulb Cover Replacemen

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