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Heritage Buildings

Heritage buildings can be classified in many different ways, but they must have heritage value or heritage character. Click here (link to be updated soon) to see the list of Heritage Designate properties in the Community Heritage Registry. In general, heritage buildings are:

- Buildings showing outstanding craftsmanship

- Buildings associated with a specific historical figure or event

- Buildings that exemplify a specific architectural style

- Buildings unique to the area

- Buildings that illustrate a particular time period in the history of the City of Armstrong

- Buildings that show the development of a city over time

Heritage Designation

Heritage designation is a method of legally protecting and conserving heritage properties. A package of information that includes Heritage Designation guidelines, criteria and an application form is attached. Click here to view an article written by Ben McMahen, our 2004 summer student, that was included in the Summer 2004 issue of the Heritage B.C. Newsletter.

Heritage Property Grant Program

Once you have received heritage designation you could be eligible for funds to assist in the preservation, maintenance and restoration of your heritage buildings. The Grant Program guidelines and application form are attached to this heading.

Heritage Building Alterations

Heritage Alteration Permits are required for the following actions, however reasonable requests that are in keeping with the heritage character of the building and are consistent with the purpose for heritage protection of the property are not likely to be refused. Interior renovations can be carried out without any alteration permits.

- altering the exterior of the building

- making a structural change to the building

- moving the building

- altering, removing or damaging a protected landscape feature

Inventory Listing of Heritage Buildings

Most buildings in Armstrong built prior to 1930, with heritage qualities are listed in the Heritage Inventory. The Heritage Inventory includes the following information about each building:

- reports of architecture

- resident history

- photographs, both past and present

Contact the Armstrong Spallumcheen Museum & Arts Society for more information.
They are located at:

                3415 Pleasant Valley Road, Box 308,
                Armstrong, BC V0E 1B0
                Phone: 250-546-8318 or 250-546-9422

Heritage Advisory Committee

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