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Permit to Use City Sidewalk



Permit to use City Sidewalks


Some businesses occasionally wish to use City sidewalks to place sandwich board signs, display racks, shelves, as well as table & chairs, or benches in an effort to promote their business.  In order to provide this type of promotional opportunity you must receive a permit to use City Sidewalks. You can easily download an application below or apply at City Hall.

Once we receive your application City staff will review it for multiple things such as if there is sufficient space available for the public to safely use the remaining portion of sidewalk. Sidewalk permits are valid for the calendar year so applications must be submitted annually, along with the service fee, proof of insurance documentation, drawings and/or specifications, and a copy of your Business License.

Sidewalk Permit Application


Sign Permit 


Any time a business or resident wishes to post a sign within the City you will need to ensure you comply with the requirements of the Sign Bylaw. Most signs will require a sign permit but not all. Please contact staff for more details or you can access our sign bylaw through our website for more information. Should your proposed sign require a permit you can download an application form below or apply at City Hall. 

Once we receive your application City staff will review it for things such as sizing of your proposed sign, location, specs provided. When approved, sign permits are valid for the life of the sign assuming it is not changed or altered in any substantial way beyond basic maintenance. 

Any existing sign that will be going through renovations or changes beyond basic maintenance may also require a sign permit. 

We are here to assist you so please contact our staff should you require any assistance. 

Sign Permit Application