2024 Planning Legislation Changes


The Province enacted legislation at the end of 2023 that changes the way Cities manage applications for housing and allows for more density in all of Armstrong’s neighbourhoods.


The province prohibited public hearings on these zoning changes. The formal  community notification period began  June 7, 2024 Public Notice, in accordance with the City of Armstrong Public Notice Bylaw No. 1919, 2024.


On the  June 24, 2024 Regular Council meeting, Zoning Bylaw 1921, 2024 was adopted by Council. This bylaw meets the intent of the  provincial legislation changes, and was adopted in advance of the the June 30, 2024 deadline.


Bylaw 1921, 2024 applies to all parcels in the community. In addition, the bylaw includes a new Schedule A, Zoning Map.

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