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Commemorative Tree Program




Commemorative City Programs


Consider a bequest/living legacy through the City of Armstrong Commemorative Tree Program or Community Bench Program


Commemorative Tree Program

In May, 1998, the Council of the day, when considering the Communities In Bloom Program, conceived the notion of a Commemorative Tree Program.

Council's first concern was Otter Lake Road as it had been identified that many of the beautiful historical White Ash trees that arched the street were in need of immediate attention and eight would need to be removed.  Council decided to replace the trees with 20', 4" diameter White Ash trees that would eventually be big enough to replace older trees.  They further planned to ultimately have them silvicultured at our Sewage Treatment Reservoir on five acres the City has allowed Riverside Forest Products Ltd. in conjunction with local schools, to use for a Community Resource Project as a learning opportunity for students.

Council developed the program with the idea that people may appreciate an opportunity to plant a tree in memory of someone special, and have a plaque placed on a cairn that has since been located along Otter Lake Road.  At the same time, this would help to maintain the picturesque beauty of Otter Lake Road.  The cost to participate in this program is $250.00.

In closing, you are invited to participate in this living legacy program, and it will be our pleasure to maintain the trees and cairn to commemorate someone very special to you, in a very beautiful area of the City

If you are interested in this program you can contact City Hall at 250-546-3023 for more information or download the form below and return it to City Hall. 

Form for Commemorative Tree Program


Community Bench Program

The Community Bench Program provides a means for individuals, groups of individuals, businesses or organizations to provide funds to the City to dedicate, maintain and replace benches. A bench may be dedicated in memory of someone special or may be dedicated to commemorate a special event or an occasion.Individuals, groups of individuals (such as families), businesses, and other organizations may make a financial contribution towards community benches. The bench program will include a plaque indicating the donor(s) and the dedication.

The cost to participate in this program is $1,700. Should you be unable to contribute the complete amount of a bench and plaque, you may choose to put your name on a waitlist until another donor wishes to contribute the remainder of the amount towards the same bench. This may result in multiple plaques on a single bench.  The amounts to be contributed by each donor would be calculated as the cost of one bench and plaque ($1700) plus the number of additional plaques required ($300 each), divided by the number of donors participating in the joint initiative.

Placement of benches will be determined on an individual basis, with consultation occurring between the donor(s) and City staff, and other agencies as needed. Staff will endeavour to place benches in requested areas.

If you are interested in this program you can contact City Hall at 250-546-3023 for more information or download the form below and return it to City Hall.

Form for Community Bench Program