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Official Community Plan

Armstrong's Official Community Plan

The City of Armstrong has begun the process of reviewing and updating the City’s Official Community Plan (OCP). An OCP is the principal municipal planning tool that develops a vision for the future of a community and establishes a detailed set of policies to help the City make decisions on a wide range of topics such as land use, growth management, and the well-being of all residents and business owners.

If you have questions about the OCP process, feel free to contact Dan Passmore, Planner at (250) 546-3023, or through e-mail at

Thank you to everyone who completed the Official Community Plan Questionnaire. The next stage of the OCP review process is to have staff hold focused workshops on topic areas identified in the questionnaires.

The workshops will be held in the new year and a complete list of topic areas will be established soon and updated here. If there is a particular topic that you would like to participate in, please contact Dan Passmore, Planner at (250) 546-3023, or through e-mail at

A complete list of workshop topics, dates, and times will be updated on this site soon.

Staff will continue to meet with community groups throughout the process. Please feel free to contact Dan Passmore, Planner, to set up a meeting for your community group. 


Current OCP Bylaw